Buynando Technologies


I joined Buynando Technologies as the VP of Product, and helped the company to reshape its product line, and to rebuild its product design and development workflow. At Buynando, I designed algorithms, user experiences, and user interfaces for a variety of web and mobile applications for the e-commerce industry.


AlphaAds: Promoted Products

AlphaAds provides online retailers, such as Walmart and Target, with a platform where sellers, such as Samsung or LG, can bid for the opportunity to place their products in the most visible space on the online retail store. As a results of this increased exposure, the brands generate more sales compared to brands that their products were placed on a 'regular' online placement.

AlphaAds' native product ads are design to fit with the online store layout and design, and provide better user experience for shoppers than the traditional banners. Since clicking on AlphaAds' product ads redirect users to an inner product page, users remain on the retailer site instead of being redirected outside of it.