NOMNOM: The Video Machine



"Have you ever wanted to perform as a DJ but found the equipment expensive as well as intimidating? Well, your prayers have been answered."
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Built with Mint Woraya Boonyapanachoti, NOMNOM: The Video Machine allows users to play YouTube videos as music samples, and sync them like a DJ.

NOMNOM is a new approach to step-sequencer. Powered by an Arduino, NOMNOM controls the playback of videos presented on a web browser. By pressing a button on the controller, the correlated video is being played on the screen and heard through the speakers. The videos are being automatically synced with one another.

Users can change the playback of the videos in real time using the following features:

  • Repetition - Affects The number of times a video is being played during a single loop (1-4 times).
  • Volume - Affects the volume of the selected video.
  • Speed - Changes the speed of the selected video.
  • Trim - Trims the length of the selected video.


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NOMNOM: Full video and demo

Presentation at Hack && Tell

Exhibition at the NYU ITP Winter Show 2016

NOMNOM: Controller

NOMNOM: Controller

Liminal Show.png

NOMNOM's earlier versions


NOMNOM Prototype: Assembling

NOMNOM Prototype: User testing