I joined Viber as a Product Manager at a very early stage, and helped the company evolve from a 12 people team, to the $1B acquisition by Rakuten.
I managed and designed user experiences for mobile and desktop products, invented Viber Public Chats, and a variety of cross-platform features and experiences.


viber desktop

When managing Viber for Desktop, and designing the user experience for the product, my goal was to make Viber Desktop a fun to use, while making sure that the cross-platform, multi-device experience is seamless (users must have Viber’s mobile app to activate the desktop client).
After weeks of designs, feedback, prototypes, and redesigns, Viber Desktop was released, and quickly became Viber’s most active platform in terms of messages per user and level of engagement.

Viber public chats

The purpose of this service is to allow users to get a sneak peek at their idols’ group chats. For those idols and trend setters, the experience is no different from any other Viber chat; it feels private, intimate, and makes the chatters act naturally. The service is now live and being promoted by Viber, and enabled partnerships with media companies, such as Huffington post, Mashable, and BuzzFeed.

The Public Chats service was invented by Chen Shir, Hili Rigel, and myself for an internal contest at Viber.



Viber for blackberry

My goal in this project was to deeply understand the BlackBerry OS development environment, to rebuild the app to better fit with this environment, and to reach the wide BlackBerry user base with top of the line experience.
I studied the operating system, its technical aspects, its most common UX patterns, as well as the physicality of the BlackBerry devices, which had a lot to do with the overall BlackBerry experience.
Version by version, from one improvement to the the next one, Viber for BlackBerry got new users. We doubled the number of active users within a few months and made Viber for BlackBerry the first application ever to provide VoIP calls on the BlackBerry OS.

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